Romantic things to do in Hurghada & Soma bay Egypt?

Discover what are the best daytime activities suitable for honeymoons and couples to spend a wonderful time in Egypt, discover the secrets of the kings of the Pharaohs, and enjoy swimming in the wonderful waters of the Red Sea.

  1. Trips from Hurghada To the Pyramids by bus or Minivan.
  2. Luxor Tour by bus or Minivan.

Orange bay Island Snorkeling Trip by boat with Group or by Private Speedboat.


  • 2 Spots Snorkeling House Reef.
  • 2hr at Orange Bay Island Beach.
  • Lunch on Luxury Yacht.
  • Water Sports.
  • Transfer.
  1. Jeep Safari Trip or Sunset Quad Biking Tour.
  2. Horse Riding Tour or Parasailing Trip.

Tips & Details:

Exploring Luxor Temple: A Romantic Adventure

  • Accompany your date on a journey to the magnificent Luxor Temple, recently restored and expanded by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.
  • The tour becomes a breathtaking experience, where more than six gigantic statues of King Ramses II “Pharaohs kings” can be seen, which embody the ancient Egyptian art of sculpture.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to stroll down the restored “Avenue of Sphinxes” and uncover even more excitement and mystery while discovering the rich cultural heritage of this historical site. Don’t miss out on this Romantic and Exciting Adventure.

Hot Air Balloon TourRomantic things to do from Hurghada

  • At 5:00 AM, begin the Hot Air Balloon Tour for an adventurous hot air balloon ride that offers breathtaking views of the Pharaonic Monuments of the western mainland.
  • Capture unforgettable moments on your camera and enjoy the breathtaking scenery during our 2-day excursions from Soma Bay to Luxor.

Tour of the Valley of the Kings

  • A fascinating journey into ancient history Explore the mysteries of the Royal Tombs of the pharaonic family and discover why the Valley of the Kings was chosen as the final resting place for their mummies. Learn about the historical significance and construction of each tomb, as well as the latest archaeological finds.
  • During the tour, the guide will answer all your questions and provide you with insightful information. You will have the opportunity to visit three open tombs including.

you can in visit 3 Tombs as:

  • Tomb of King Ramesses III
  • Tomb of King Seti II
  • Tomb of King Ramesses I
  • Tomb of King Ramesses X
  • Tomb of King Thutmose III
  • Tomb of King Amenhotep II
  • Tomb of King Thutmose I
  • Tomb of King Ramesses IX
  • Tomb of King Ramesses XI
  • Tomb of King Ramses V

If you are interested in visiting King Tutankhamun’s tomb, you can purchase a ticket at the box office before entering. Here you will discover the secrets of the little king as well as the inscriptions and drawings on the walls uncovered by Howard Carter.

One of the most notable features of the Tombs in the Valley of the Kings is that their walls have retained their quality to this day. If you have enough time, you can also coordinate with your guide to visit the Tomb of Nefertari and the Tombs of the Valley of the Queens. Join us on this unforgettable journey through ancient history.

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