8 natural places you would want to visit before you die

When it comes to spending holidays most of us like to visit somewhere beautiful and spend time. Being surrounded by buildings and work we always have a tendency to return to the nature as soon as we want to visit some place. You will not believe some of the places that exist on earth to be even real. Some of them just seem to be out of a magical movie of some kind. Here is list of places you will not want to miss for a visit.

Tunnel of Love- It is one of the most romantic places on the world and is located in Ukraine. It is a beautiful railway line which has turned in to a tunnel by the trees which are shaped by the train travel over a long period of time.

Salar de Uyuni- It is world’s largest salt flats in the world. It is located in the South West Bolivia and located near the crest of Andes. When covered with water it becomes one of world’s largest mirrors. It has a really flat surface making it a perfect location for calibration purposes.

Black forest- Black forest is located in the Southside of Germany. It is a scary place and is related to most of Brothers Grimm fairy tales. It is renowned for dense and evergreen forest and scenic villages. It has a real mysterious feeling associated with it.

Mendenhall Ice Caves- Mendenhall Glacier is a 12 mile long glacier located in Juneau, Alaska. Inside it is a cave system which is very scenic and out of this world. To reach the cave system the visitors must go through a very treacherous journey. But it is worth the risk you take.

Naica Mine- Naica mine in Mexico can be considered as one of the world’s most famous mines. The huge Gypsum crystals make it a very unforgettable sight. It is located in the state of Chihuahua and the mine is best known for its selenite crystals. There are two caves in the mine cave of swords and cave of crystals.

Antelope Canyon- It is located in the Navajo land which is east of Arizona. It is as lot canyon system and is very scenic and quite dangerous place to be in the rainy season due to the flash floods. Flash floods or flowing of the water is the main reason why the canyon looks such magical and gets its carvings on wall.

Lake Hillier- It is a saline like which is very distinctively pink in color. It is on the edge of the Middle islands off the south coast of Western Australia. It is divided from the south ocean by a thin long shore.

Lipa Cave – Lipa Cave, located in Montenegro offers the charming diversity linked with karstic features. All the people who visit this cave will be able to get hold of a unique underground world experience. The authenticity of Lipa Cave Montenegro exists in genuine wilderness and this can leave a lasting impression on the guests as well.

Mount Roraima- It is a mountain serving as a triple border for Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. It is table Top Mountain and when covered with white mist it is a magical sight for anyone and will give even the most work minded people a tendency to return to nature as frequently as possible.



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