Soak in a Thermal Water Spa to Promote Better Wellbeing

Thermal water

Thermal water spa experiences have a long and interesting history that dates as far back as the times of the Ancient Romans. The perfect balances between therapies that involve cold and hot treatments are renowned for their many benefits. 

The thermal waters in spas such as Thermana Laško are found to help relieve muscular pains and aches. They can also detox the skin, increase circulation, and improve the metabolism of the body. 

Thermal waters are also associated with better mental wellness, such as fewer sick days and improved quality of sleep. Thermal spa treatments are also shown to reduce anxiety, fight off stress, and help you feel more centered and relaxed. 

Thermal spas and their therapies can all do wonders to boost your well-being and enrich your body, mind, and soul. 

If you are still unconvinced, here are some of the benefits of pampering yourself in thermal waters:

Enjoy Ultimate Digital Detox 

Since water is involved in most thermal spa treatments, you obviously cannot bring your smartphones with you. It means that you can unplug and shut off the noise and distractions of the outside world. As a result, you can completely immerse yourself during your spa treatment for the ultimate relaxing experience free from all those external disturbances. 

Thermana Laško experience
In Thermana Laško you can completely immerse yourself during your relaxing experience free from all those external disturbances. Image source:Thermana Laško

When you spend time in a thermal spa, you don’t just quiet your mind because you will also be physically immersed in a relaxing pool. In case you don’t know, floating in water is found to have a calming effect. It gives you the space and time to de-stress which can help boost your motivation and build your mental strength. 

A Unique Way to Heal Your Body 

Did you recently go overboard with your workout routines? Did you suffer from a sprain after playing a friendly football game? Or maybe you experienced a sudden pain after bending down to pick up your groceries from the car? Thermal spa treatments help speed up the healing process so you can regain your peak form as soon as possible.  

The ideal combination of cool and heat therapies contract and dilate the blood vessels to encourage proper circulation all over your body. When your body’s circulation is better, your blood can also deliver more nutrients and oxygen to all your muscles and help repair any damage. This improved circulation also means that your body will be able to burn more calories faster, thus enhancing your metabolism even more.

Working up some sweat can also flush out any impurities from your body to clear and rejuvenate your skin. Thermal water treatments are also found to relieve tension and ward off the negative effects of stress on your skin. 

Thermal water treatments speed up the healing process
Thermal water treatments help speed up the healing process so you can regain your peak form as soon as possible. Image source:Thermana Laško

Higher stress levels can increase the cortisol released by your body. Cortisol is a hormone that tells the skin to produce more oil which can lead to more breakouts. A thermal spa experience will not only heal and fight off skin problems but it can also help treat the issues right from their roots. 

But of course, if you want to heal your body and maintain its healthy state, it is important to stay hydrated all the time. Water makes up two-thirds of the human body and is critical for different bodily functions. Dehydration can result in headaches, poor digestion, dizziness, and fatigue. It also increases your risk of kidney stones and muscle damage. 

This is why drinking lots of water is the first and most important secret to keeping your body in peak condition. If you love to drink alcohol or coffee, however, remember that both are considered diuretics that can naturally dehydrate the body. Be sure to cut down on these drinks for clearer skin, faster recovery times, and better metabolism. 

Promotes the Practice of Mindfulness 

The ancient Buddhist tradition called mindfulness is all about focusing your attention on the present moment. For the past few years, mindfulness has been at the forefront of mental wellness rhetoric as more and more people strive to be in tune with their feelings and emotions. Mindfulness has also been associated with better mental health and is seen to dramatically lower the symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Thermal spa experiences are just some of the practices you can include in your life for a better therapeutic practice of mindfulness. This non-judgmental space will let you enjoy peaceful meditation that lets you switch off so you can focus better and embrace the present moment. 

The Science of Mindfulness

Most spas also know that you always subconsciously absorb your surroundings. This is why their interior designs are often specifically planned to ease tension and induce relaxation. Everything including the ambiance down to the colors of the lights used will encourage you to leave your worries and the noisy outside world at the door. Doing so will let you focus better on this critical aspect of your mindfulness routine. 

Strengthen Relationships 

At their very core, humans are social animals, meaning that physical contact and good company are important to a person’s overall well-being. 

Spending some time in an emotionally intimate space with other people, like a thermal water spa, can give you the perfect opportunity to connect with others around you on a much deeper level. 

spa in Thermana Laško
Since you don’t have your phone, a thermal spa is the best place to talk about things you have in mind. Image source:Thermana Laško

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time visiting a thermal spa or your tenth because trying new things together will let you bond over the experience of a shared exciting adventure. 

Since you don’t have your phone, a thermal spa is the best place to talk about things you have in mind. The intimate space will let you focus on what matters the most in your relationships and communicate with people without using your electronic devices. These treatments will also promote the release of happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which can further enhance the pleasure of your shared experience. 

Whether you want to rejuvenate your tired body, enjoy some peace of mind and silence, or simply relax for some good soul searching, soaking yourself in a thermal water spa like that in Thermana Laško will let you focus more on things that matter the most to you.

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