Villablanca Garden Beach Hotel Review

If you’re traveling to the beautiful area of Cazumel, one of the first things you probably need to know is where you’re going to stay. There are many beautiful hotels and resorts to stay in Villablanca, including the famous Villablanca Garden Beach Hotel.

This is a nice, quiet, quaint hotel with friendly staff and great food and service. The location is perfect, right outside of the city and is a short walk to all the hustle and bustle of the main town. There is also a grocery store within walking distance.

As for the room, you can tell it had just been vacuum-cleaned, as it was very well maintained. The rooms are relatively large, and you should have no problem being able to relax. Air conditioned rooms keep a comfortable temperature, and the bathroom is quite elegant as well. The water pressure in the shower and sink could use a little help, though. It’s a weak streak and sometimes not always hot.

The grounds itself are lovely, very well-manicured to be sure. There are plenty of lounge chairs and the seating area is large. There is a jungle of sorts right behind the hotel, with all kinds of birds fluffing around. Of course, there is a pool, which is lovely, and is centrally located right near the main restaurant of the resort. The hotel is also ideal if you are interested in diving, as there is a great dive operation right next door, and yet another one directly across the street – which makes it very convenient if you are going there to dive.

The food on the grounds is quite good. They have your standard Mexican fare, tacos, quesadillas, grilled meats and veggies, as well as your standard American food as well – chicken fingers, French fries, etc. Be sure to make a reservation at the main restaurant, as it tends to get busy early. The drinks are on the expensive side, but that is to be expected with a resort such as this one.

In closing, this is one of the better hotel options when traveling to the area.

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