Best places for canyoning Bovec is among them

Canyoning Bovec

When you think of north western Slovenia, you usually think of the mountains, the Alps make their final stretch towards east in Slovenia with the so-called Julian Alps. It is a beautiful place with a special gem, or better yet, emerald – the Soča river. This used to be a quiet valley between the mountains, but people started discovering the beauty of the region which means that the locals had to adapt and take the most advantage from the nature as the possibly could, including introduction of some adrenaline activities, such as canyoning Bovec is an excellent starting point.

It is always good to have guidance with new adrenaline-involved sports, and this surely applies to canyoning Bovec

The best way to reach the beautiful Trenta valley with the spring of the Soča river is to follow the river from Nova Gorica where it enters Italy towards north. There is a beautiful road leading to one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia, the aforementioned Trenta valley.

Canyoning Bovec

That is where you can do some canyoning Bovec is constantly mentioned because it is the local centre of the region that everyone is familiar with and where most of the activities in the region start – including canyoning Bovec should be the perfect opportunity then to embark on the adventure of discovering hidden gems of the valley that even locals no longer know that they exist. And what better way of doing it than letting your adrenaline out of the system and do some canyoning Bovec is a great starting point where even some companies have their locations from which you can start your adrenaline-filled trip. But, canyoning Bovec is not just an activity to release your adrenaline, it is also a way to intimately and privately discover nature, without crowds and huge popular places. You will have the intimacy of a hidden place and your skills to match the beauty of the river. Altitude Activities is one of the aforementioned companies, they also offer canyoning Bovec, additional information is available at:

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