You will miss canyoning Bled by only paddling on the lake

Many people go to Bled with the purpose to take a boat to the island and the church in the middle of the lake. The church is very famous and will be on every postcard from the region. It can be a very religious and also a very relaxing experience, something where you wouldn’t have even think of an activity such as canyoning Bled is full of surprises which means that canyoning Bled will also be available for visitors. And if you are in the mood for some thrill on your otherwise peaceful vacation, why not try something that includes actually going in the water?

One of the best adrenaline activities in Slovenian Alps you should try and experience is canyoning Bled is the perfect location for it

There are so many boats on the lake, some are purely tourist where you just pay, sit down and enjoy the trip around the lake and maybe even to the island. Then there are also other boats which you rent and use by yourself. This is already better for your fitness, but it is still relatively passive, compared to something like canyoning Bled has these types of activities as well and they are not as unreachable as you might think. So if you are thinking of including some physical activities in your holidays, do not think only of peaceful walks and paddling or rowing on the lake. Try something special like canyoning Bled might not sound as the right spot for something like this, but it is not all about the lake, local sights are also interesting and can provide experience which will fill your body with adrenaline – and canyoning Bled is one of them. And once you really start get into the idea of doing something thrilling, you will see that you can find several options about the activity online. One of the sights that has quite a lot of information and favourable prices can be found at this link:

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