What you must do and see on your Berlin visit

A city showcasing rich history, picture-worthy landmarks, vibrant culture, Berlin is a traveler’s paradise. Here is a travel guide to Berlin that provides a glimpse into the storied past of the city and the modern wonders that the city has to offer.

Alexanderplatz – Explore the Central Square of the City

Alexanderplatz is the largest public square in Berlin, located in the Mitte district. The square is the most visited area in Berlin thanks to its central location and proximity to many of the most famous landmarks. The highlight of the square is the iconic TV Tower, the tallest building in Germany and a symbol of Berlin. It is also where you will see the Rotes Rathaus Building. Modern shopping and other commercial venues surround the entire square.

Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie – Learn about the history of Berlin as you walk along the wall

It’s no secret that the Berlin Wall has had lasting effects on Berlin. After it’s fall in 1991, instead of hiding the dark history, Berlin has used it as a symbol of progress in the city towards freedom and unity. Several sections of the wall remain standing, allowing visitors to get a glimpse into the past and remember the events that the wall caused.

Some of the most popular sections of the wall to visit are the Berlin Wall Memorial, an open-air exhibition providing information about the wall, or the Berlin East Side Gallery, giving an artistic perspective of the people affected by the wall.

A related site to the wall is Checkpoint Charlie. The former border crossing from East to West Berlin has now become a popular tourist attraction. Your Berlin tour guide (https://www.tourhq.com/germany/berlin-tours-guide) will definitely plan add a visit to the checkpoint station on your tour plan, to take photos with actors portraying American and German soldiers.

Brandenburg Gate – An iconic symbol of Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most picturesque landmarks in Berlin. Built in the late 18th Century, this landmark once serves as the former city gate to enter and exit Berlin. Today, the site is a symbol of peace and unity, making it an iconic landmark representing Berlin.

Visit the beautiful Pariser Platz where you will find the Brandenburg Gate. The square is also surrounded by several other noteworthy buildings developed recently. The gate is the site of many public events that involve live music, firework showcases, and even the city-wide New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Museum Island – Visit the hub of art and culture in Berlin

There’s a saying that goes, “Berlin has more museums than rainy days.” Of the 180 museums located throughout the city, Museum Island hosts five of the most prominent.

Museum Island is centrally located in Berlin, is a museum complex officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most popular of the museums is the Bode Museum, featuring a variety of art exhibitions. Other museums on the island include the Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Pergamon Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie. Each museum specializes in a different type of art and exhibitions, all worth visiting. Plans for new museums and galleries is an on-going development on the island.

Reichstag – The modern home of the Parliament

Head over to the government district to visit the Reichstag, constructed at the end of the 19th Century where it housed the Parliament up until World War II. The building has now transitioned into a tourist destination, and is famous for its glass dome, now open to the public. Visitors can pre-book a private tour in Berlin (https://www.tourhq.com/germany/berlin-guides) to the top of the dome to discover beautiful panoramic views of Berlin from the viewing platform.

Experience the Local Culture in Berlin – Dining, Nightlife, and Shopping


Berlin is an international city where you can find a lot of food options from around the world, but nothing comes close to some of the authentic flavors only available in Berlin. The signature dish that you must try in Berlin is the signature currywurst. A taste of this delectable meat treat will let you experience the best of local flavors in one dish. As the dish originated in the streets of Berlin, it’s still the best place to try it. Visit one of the Curry 36 kiosks scattered around Berlin or at Curry Mitte in the central district.

If you’re traveling with a group and prefer a variety of food options to choose from, visit one of the local food markets in Berlin. Markthalle Neun is popular for locals in Berlin that have tasty food and even a special day dedicated to local food trucks.


The nightlife scene in Berlin is one of the best in Europe. The city is spread out so knowing where to go is essential for having the best nights ever in Berlin. Techno music is a staple in the Berlin nightlife scene and hanging around Warschauer Strasse, in East Berlin, is an ideal place for exciting nighttime fun.

Start your night off like the locals at a nearby ‘spaeti’, or local bodega where you can enjoy a nice beer with friends. As the night progresses, you may find yourself at your final destination of Berghain, a world-famous club in Berlin known for hosting A-List celebrities.

Germany is known around the world as a beer capital, and one of the best places to go for a brew is the Klunkerkranich rooftop bar. The hidden gem serves great German craft beer that you can enjoy with sweeping views of Berlin.


You will see lots of modern shops while hanging around Alexanderplatz, but for the best shopping experience in Berlin, visit the Mall of Berlin. The Mall of Berlin recently opened in 2014 as the largest mall in the city. It holds over 300 stores and restaurants, providing tourists and locals a mix of local German boutique shops to international store favorites.

If you want to go where the locals go, take a walk along Kurfürstendamm, or Ku’damm for short, the most popular shopping strips in Berlin, lined with shops and restaurants from both international and national retailers.

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