What is the difference between a Crewed Yacht and a Bareboat Charter?

With a boat rental bar, you and your guests manage your own boat. There are no experienced captains and crew on board and no arrangements for you. To do this, you must “qualify” and at least have a captain’s license on your own ship. (ASA, RYA, ICC …). You should also have a basic understanding of “road rules” and an understanding of the basic mechanics of the engine. If you qualify, feel comfortable taking your own boat out to sea, and don’t mind the job, bareboating might be for you!

All-inclusive yacht charters are where it all is; Food, fuel, drinks, alcohol, wine, travel permits, taxes, and crew are all included in the weekly rental fee, NO SURPRISES! If you want to rent one of these all-inclusive packages go check yachtrentalmiami.com. Complete charter cruises are usually just sailing catamarans, motor catamarans, and single hull sailboats in the Virgin Islands.

Which ship should you choose?

If you are considering chartering a yacht versus chartering a crew, please contact your reputable cruise charter broker to discuss the differences between the two. Of course, one would think that bareboat charters should be much cheaper than all inclusive. It makes sense that you don’t hire a crew, you hire a crew. You don’t hire a cook; you are a cook. What are you actually saving? The base fee you see for bar boat rentals does not cover any additional fees. Of course, if you find that the base rental costs are significantly lower than chartering a manned yacht, you automatically think this is the way to go. However, you do need to put your pencils to paper and actually calculate the cost.

Here are some “extras” that are not included in the bareboat charter …

Boats are also available. What is included in a bar boat charter booking? Free paper towel rolls, 1 toilet paper roll per head, 2 trash bags and an ice bag. You are also responsible for purchasing everything except salt and pepper. They also include additional costs; Insurance, travel permits and taxes, parking fees and cleaning fees.

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