The Perks of a Vacation Rental (Versus a Hotel)

As you plan your next beach vacation, you might find yourself contemplating a vacation rental versus a hotel. Here is a round-up of features that make vacation rentals an appealing option for friends, couples, and families alike.


Spending your beach vacation at a rental home ends up saving you big time compared to a hotel stay. For starters, you have your own kitchen where you can make easy meals instead of eating out three times a day for the entire week. You can also stock your own beverages and snacks— a much cheaper option than diving into the mini bar when your mid afternoon hunger strikes. And then you have the actual cost—a beach rental that can accommodate 8 people will end up being cheaper over the course of the week than two or three or even four hotel rooms. Be sure to check out a variety of property management sites for the area you are interested in and check-out included amenities to find the best deal for you and your group.



A rental property gives you great flexibility for planning your days. Have a toddler that goes down for an afternoon nap? Tuck them into a quiet bedroom and one adult can stay in the comfort of a living room while the rest of the gang heads to the beach! A home or condo is a great jumping off point— and any sunburned friends or tired kids have plenty of space to enjoy if stuck inside!


A furnished home is so much more inviting than a hotel room. For starters, you will typically have more living space—a kitchen, dining area, and living room. If it’s in your budget, you can even find a home or condo with an outdoor pool or patio area for grilling. Everyone can spread out in their respective bedrooms but still hang out together in the common areas. It is the best of all worlds. Beyond the home, some vacation properties come with neighborhood club amenities giving you access to private beach clubs, pools, and beaches.


Traveling with a baby, toddler, or child involves extra planning and lots of extra gear! Having a furnished home or condo to spread out in is a wonderful thing for a family. Not to mention a kitchen where bottles can be warmed and snacks can be prepared… And space for naps and indoor playtime when the weather doesn’t permit beach or pool time.


This one speaks for itself… You don’t have to be surrounded by fellow vacationers every time you leave a hotel room… You can choose to stay in and keep to yourself if you would like. Of course, you can also spend evenings out at local restaurants and bars and days at the public beach… The choice is yours with a vacation rental property!

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