Is Europe’s best beer from Italy?

What is the best craft beer in the world? There are countless “Best Beer this” and “Greatest Beer that” awards and lists, but the best always is subjective. What someone likes is the best, and that depends on their own experience, personal style and taste. Period.

When Enzo Ferrari set out to make the Italian luxurious sport car he obviously wasn’t trying to manufacture a normal car. He set out to make a superior car and did. Ferrari remains one of the worlds greatest sports cars. Is it the best? Lamborghini, Bugatti, Aston-Martin, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce like to believe they are. All are superior automobiles. When asked what can one do to improve something, make it better and the answer is “I don’t know” or “nothing” then its safe to label something superior.

Tenute Collesi was established in 1870 butthe Collesi family had been farming on the lands for three centuries. It was decades later when Giuseppe Collesi decided he would begin brewing beer on the family Estate.

Like Enzo Ferrari, Collesi too was not out to produce yet another ordinary beer. He set out to create something superior. He did, and these are some of the reasons why we believe this.

Why is a scenic little mountain town of approximately 2000 inhabitants in the region of Marche labeled Italy’s City of Beer?
Nestled in the Apennine/Mount Nerone foothills is Apecchio a village that is leading the Italian craft beer scene and is called “La Citta della Birra” which is Italian for City of Beer. This is the location of Collesi’s extremely traditional yet ultra modern brewery.




Apecchio, the City of Beer



apecchio la citta della birra
Citta della Birra
europe's best beer
Apecchio, Italy: The City of Beer




Water and Ingredients

Collesi pulls the water it uses for brewing from a well that is located on the family’s Estate. Its source, the nearby Mt Nerone, whose exceptional limestone rich water is considered among the best in the world for brewing. The spring water is so pristine it needs no treatment – no filtering, no modification, no reversed osmosis pure artisan water. Next time you’re at your favorite brewpub, ask for a glass of water. It’s the same water they use for brewing. Chances are the water is not that good or average at best.

The barley is grown in the Collesi family’s own fields and processed at a nearby mill that is part-owned by the Collesi family.

Brew Masters call this type of beer a “zero-kilometer craft beer” because from the moment the ingredients are planted, beers brewed, bottled and sold – it does not leave the estate.


Collesi controls the entire production chain, from raw materials to finished product: Even the bottling and labels are done at the brewery.


A true local beer!


mt nerone, marche, italy
Snow capped Mt. Nerone
Best water for brewing
Pristine water of Mt Nerone
collesi bloom to bottle
zero kilometer beer
Zero-KM beer




Giuseppe Collesi’s love and respect for the Trappist breweries of Belgium and his quest to ultimate perfection led him to Marc Knops. Marc brews and oversees production for some of the best breweries including Achel, De Halves Maan, Delirium Tremens and Malheur, spending a few days each month at each brewery.

Mr Knops spends two weeks of the month at Tenute Collesi Brewery.

All Collesi beers are brewed in very small-batches using an ancient monks recipe. All Collesi beers are top fermented and are bottled raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered and naturally re-fermented in the bottle.

Instead of an expiration date on the bottle, Collesi have the date they were born.

Marc Knops Collesi
Marc Knops, Brew Master of Collesi


greatest beer



The accumulation of prestigious awards continues. Collesi this year has won prestigious medals in every major beer competition in the world.



The Collesi brewery is a “zero emission” plant, complete with a 32 kW photovoltaic installation, a steam generator and an energy production system fueled with wood pellets, with the total absence of hydrocarbons and LPG


So, is this Europe’s best beer? You decide.

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