Imagine Italy with Dreameat

The Dreameat team – Discover & Taste is very close-knit and members, young and old, come from different experiences of work, everyone with a dream: to work with and for companies, even small, were collected in a web site that can tell the individual characteristics of all businesses that contribute to the high quality of food production and tourism of our beautiful country: Italy. The member companies of Dreameat are all included in a circuit which, thanks to the great cooperation with foreign tour operators, creates and resell travels described as real experiences and representations of the “Italian life style”.


Tourists will be able to stay for the whole holiday in a single structure, or live a specific location within a province or even a region, staying in many different structures from each other, but all of high quality and professionalism. Not only! Our tourists visit the wineries associated experiencing unique moments thanks to valuable tastings organized in every detail; They come in different production companies for taste and buy directly with the best products of the Italian tradition: cheese, pasta, pastries, liqueurs, and more. We will be hosted in our restaurants to enjoy the cooking and Italian traditions. unique holidays that tourists will never forget, thanks to the originality in the individual package offers; infinitely repeatable experience because every year the packages will vary and can be easily bought by those who have already taken advantage of previous offers.

Packages created on all 20 Italian regions for a unique tourist offer and affordable for everyone. Dreameat was founded in 2015 an “inspirational” website experiences. A window on the Bel Paese also open for those small businesses that would be unable to promote it individually. A powerful work of visibility on social networks to tell and to attract tourists who love Italy. Interaction on blogs and foreign websites and an incisive pr work that collect high acclaim. A meticulous work that is allowing Dreameat collect considerable acclaim, thanks to the partners who support the project.

The official sale of holiday packages will start June 1, 2016. Will present the official APP and all changes to the website. For all inquiries, please contact:

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