Central Park Pedicab Tours

Riding and biking the Pedicabs are eco friendly avenues for the Peter Pan Tours of Central Park. Another option is taking a walk, however most tourist do shy away from doing this due to the small size of the park. With Pedicab riding and biking, you will be able to visit and enjoy a greater part of the park without contributing polluted air to the environment.


Apart from the human effort of pedicab drivers. Central Park Pedicab Tours does not make use of any fossil fuels. This is an eco friendly and a clean way of moving around which is more fun than walking or driving.

Elderly people who cannot work for long stretches or ride a bike can still have a glimpse of the fantastic view during the Central Park Tours. An ideal way of enjoying the serene environment around the park is by riding in a pedicab.


Families who intend to take a tour of the park together are attended to by professional tour guides who have at least a year experience in the operation and driving of the Pedicabs and are conversant with all of the attractions. The rides are less expensive and offers everyone the opportunity to have fun. There are lots of interesting places for you to visit depending on your interest.

Pedicab tours can make stops at interesting places inside or along the park. Those with keen interest in movies can visit areas used in shooting some famous movies while lovers of nature on the other hand have the opportunity of visiting strawberry field at the Bethesda Terrace. Also on the park are houses lived by famous people for individuals who enjoy following and watching the lives of the famous and rich.

For persons who enjoy a little stretching and are physically fit, biking would be a great way to tour the park.

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