Niagara Falls Waterfall Tours – Experience Adventure

Niagara Falls waterfall tours provide Toronto tourists with a sightseeing experience like no other.

Nothing prepares for the thunderous vibration of Niagara. Nor can words describe the awe-inspiring spectacle of 2,400 cubic meters of water crashing each second into awaiting plunge pools. Zoom tours to Niagara celebrate this. Specifically, by offering once in a lifetime sightseeing excursions for individuals, groups, and families.

Zoom Niagara Falls Waterfall Tours

Zoom Tours is the highest rated Niagara Falls Bus Tour company on TripAdvisor. This is thanks to the fact that Zoom disembarks daily from Toronto, and pack more into every sightseeing excursion than any other tour operator.

The drive from Niagara Falls to Toronto (and vice versa) takes approximately one and a half hours. Zoom 9-hour day trips, therefore, give sightseers a minimum of 6-hours on the ground. More importantly, our Niagara Falls waterfall tours prize individual freedom and independence above all else.

The Ultimate Niagara Falls Waterfall Experience

Teeter on the brink of the waters edge at Table Rock, while watching Horseshoe Falls thunder into the mist below. Later, feel swept away by the sheer volume of churning water, as you adventure past the American Falls, the infamous Bridal Veil Falls, and on into the churning heart of Canada’s Horseshoe Falls themselves.

Your Sightseeing Adventure Your Way

Zoom Tours strive to be the best Niagara Falls tour operator in Toronto (visit Niagara Falls Tours from Toronto). Because of this, our luxury coach trips to Niagara are proud to partner with providers of awe-inspiring helicopter rides and cruises.

Create memories which will last a lifetime, by including a Niagara Gorge helicopter ride with any of our standard tour packages. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Niagara, courtesy of a night-time illuminated cruise aboard a state-of-the-art Hornblower catamaran.

Cruise and helicopter experiences guarantee to get sightseers as close as possible to mist-shrouded aquamarine plunge pools. Each can also be accompanied by buffet lunches served from the vista of the prestigious Sheraton Fallsview Restaurant.

Why Zoom?

Zoom Tours get you closer to the action at each Niagara Falls waterfall location than any other tour operator. We don’t specialize in luxury coach tours. We specialize in experiences.

The drive from Niagara Falls to Toronto and vice versa is one of the most breathtaking and picturesque in the world. The magic of our tours, therefore, starts the second you board our coaches. We also offer private and custom tailored group excursions where all stops are at your discretion.

How far is Toronto from Niagara Falls

Niagara Fall is 128km from Toronto, with average journey times totaling 1-hour and 30-minutes. Make memories that will last a lifetime with us. Book your Niagara Falls waterfall tour now, or contact us directly to arrange a more personalized Niagara experience.

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