My Dubai Tour Program

I wanted to go to Dubai to visit as a tourist. I have heard so much about Dubai that it has become my priority now. I like travel and tourism and meeting people and seeing places.

I was told Dubai has many firsts in the world map and there are several things to see.

I tried to gather data from many friends and relatives, from website and tourism related people.


Finally I downloaded Dubai Tourism apps from Google play and discovered that Dubai has not only a number of wonderful architectural buildings, it has several other tourist attractions that are hidden in the traditional and cultural life style.

I wanted to find out more. My friend informed that could provide me more of details on the Dubai desert safari and that they have it in different forms. To my surprise I found I can book my tour from their site from anywhere in the world. To me desert safari was a travel in the vagabonds of desert on a camel and travelling in great challenge in the barren land with no shades. The thought of that itself made me thrill and I really wanted to see and enjoy the desert safari.

I moved to explore more on this. I reached Dubai to fulfill my dreams.

The tourist company sent a car to the hotel I was staying. To my amazement I found it is a tantalizing journey through desert in a 4 wheeler that goes up and down in the virgin sand dunes and make one experience the feel and thrill of the desert sand and its great capacity to hold. I really enjoyed the desert safari and the driving art in the sand dunes. It turned out to be an experience that I will never forget in life.

But still more, when I was taken to a desert camp after the desert safari, I was enjoying part of a multinational cuisine with over 7 nationalities together enjoying the hospitality of my host in the middle of the desert but in a wonderfully sheltered camp. It looked like a desert camel camp for me from a distance but inside it was all like a market with several facilities. I had my first camel ride there and then the horse ride. My children took the quad bike drive too. It was more fun than that I thought it would be.

The night became darker to find that music and dance on the stage took a new turn. The belly dance by a Russian girl seemed to be a high performance artistic enjoyment. The Tanoora dance after that followed by fire dance all added to the highest enjoyment of the day.

After all this we enjoyed a great community food served within the camp. There was even hot drink at one side of the camp that was a surprise to me in a country that should have been taboo but for the tourists.

The tourism company made it sure that after the full enjoyment we are dropped off at our residence.

What else we need when someone care us so much when we are away from our country and that too far off from our loved ones.

I will never forget the tantalizing desert safari I enjoyed in the land of the tallest tower.

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