Meet TravelStarter – Crowdfunding for Tourism

Crowdfunding is one of the most exciting trends to emerge in the last decade, helping many individuals and small businesses achieve things that would have previously been impossible. Now an exciting new startup is taking crowdfunding to the tourism industry, allowing travelers to support the kind of businesses they want to see in the world.


Meet TravelStarter, a crowdfunding platform for tourism. Founded by passionate travelers Anushka and Blaz, TravelStarter connects tourism entrepreneurs with discerning holiday makers, helping fund innovative and sustainable tourism projects while giving travelers great rewards.

TravelStarter allows travelers to really make a difference by supporting small, sustainable tourism companies, and sharing genuine experiences rather than staying in generic hotels. Current projects include an eco-friendly bed and breakfast in Ko Lanta, Thailand which needs some urgent refurbishment, and a surfing school in Lanzarote which wants to purchase yurts to provide accommodation to visitors.

Funders, who can contribute anything from $5 upwards, are given interesting rewards such as overnight stays in the hostels or B&Bs they support, or the chance to take part in activities including excursions, tours and lessons. These rewards give travelers an opportunity to see the projects they’re funding first-hand and meet the people they’re supporting, while having experiences they couldn’t have by simply staying in soulless hotels.

For tourism entrepreneurs TravelStarter can help make ideas a reality, and even rescue struggling businesses that just need a bit of investment to turn themselves around. TravelStarter connects these businesses with a global audience of travelers who want to support small, sustainable, eco-friendly hospitality and tourism projects.

Not only does TravelStarter help tourism entrepreneurs raise funds, it also helps them gain exposure and increase their number of visitors by showcasing their business to the world. Travelers who fund a project are also likely to feel loyal towards it, tell their friends about it, and visit time and time again in the future.

TravelStarter is making exciting tourism businesses possible where previously they would have just been pipedreams. It’s also great for travelers, who are given the chance to make a difference while discovering new places and having unforgettable experiences. No longer do travelers have to just accept the choice they’re given, they can now help shape the tourism industry by supporting businesses they believe in.

Crowdfunding could really revolutionize travel for both travelers and tourism entrepreneurs. TravelStarter wants to make this happen, helping people ‘travel globally, live locally’.