Italian Grand Prix Packages

The Italian Grand Prix is one of the 3 most famous Formula One races in the world. The other two are the British Grand Prix and the US Grand Prix. This one is also known as the Monza Grand Prix because it is held in Monza, Italy. It is run on a track that is 5.793 km (3.6 miles) long and consists of racers making 53 laps for a total of 306.720km or 190.596 miles. Oddly enough, the racer who holds the most wins ever by a single person (Michael Schumacher) is the same person who has the most wins in this one. He has 5 wins in both races. As far as vehicles go, the most winning car ever in all three races is the Ferrari. It has 19 wins in Italy, 15 in Britain and 9 in the US.


Even though the race has only been in Italy since 1950, it has been run there every year since then, making it the longest consecutively run Formula One races in the world. There have been other names for it beginning in 1912 but 1950 was when it became what it is today.
Booking Italian Grand Prix Packages
If you are planning to come to this race then you may want to book one of the Italian Grand Prix packages. These will include hotels in either Milan or Monza, flights and transfers and even reservations at restaurants and clubs. If you choose to book the Italian Grand Prix hospitality package then you get all of that plus the hospitality of fine cuisine, champagne and the very best views of the race.

If you are planning on making it to the nest race then you really should start looking at the Monza Grand Prix packages now because they do sell out fast. You don’t want to wait until the last minute because there will be no more packages left by then and you will be without hotels, flights, and everything else that is included in all of these packages.

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