How to Survive Spring Break with Kids

The best part about having kids? You get to relive your spring break glory days (more or less) and soak up some sun while escaping your job for a little while. With so much to look forward to, here are some fail-proof tips to make your beach vacation go as smoothly as possible with your tots in tow.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, and then more sunscreen

We can not stress this enough if we tried. The only thing more miserable than a sunburned adult? A sunburned toddler. Not only will they be in pain, but going outside won’t be an option for burning off that endless energy.


A well-packed beach bag
Yes, yes, we know that you already have beach umbrellas, diapers, and toys to lug to the beach… But you will thank us later for adding the following items to your bag. Snacks are vital because the sun will literally suck the energy right out of you. A sun-dazed child sounds great in theory (peace and quiet!), but trust us, you want to keep them fueled up or you will be carrying the entire family home in addition to their equipment. Be smart and don’t pack snacks that can melt (chocolate!) and stear clear of sugary foods that will encourage sugar crashes later on in the day.

Water is the second obvious choice. And lots of it. Being in the heat will dehydrate you and your family quickly and you will not regret packing extra water, even though it will weigh down your bag! You can also pack powdered drink packets to add into water bottles for a treat.

Sunglasses and hats for every family member are our third essential- from the baby to your grandparents. Hats are essential– Ideally they would be worn at all times to protect your face, but having a spare to throw in at the first sign of a sunburn is a life saver.

Finally, bring some interactive family beach games. From frisbees and boogie boards to sand castle supplies, the entire crew will have fun and release energy.

Plan Ahead

Planning is your biggest weapon when you are bringing kids along. Before booking your hotel room or vacation rental, make sure that the facilities are kid friendly and can accommodate any specific needs.

Be Prepared for Rain

No one wants to spend their spring break inside, but we can’t control the weather– especially along the coast. In the event that adverse conditions trap you inside, have a game plan set. Bring a new puzzle, a fun board game, and family favorite DVDs. Research the area beforehand to find any inside activities or attractions that might be available.

Pack a Car/Plane Bag

Fill a backpack with inexpensive treats like crayons, notepads, lip balm, and new books to keep your kiddos entertained as you travel. Don’t let them open the pack until they in their seat to up the suspense. Of course, we will understand if you have to break into the bags during an unexpected delay.

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