The Frankfurt Motor Show, Everything You’ll Need to Know

This guide introduces you to the City of Frankfurt and The World renowned Frankfurt Motor Show. Find out everything you need to know before booking those much sought after tickets.

Frankfurt – The smallest metropolis in the world

Frankfurt is widely regarded to be the most international city in Germany, with the largest financial centre in Europe. Known as the smallest metropolis in the world due to its history as a centuries old trading centre, the city is steeped in history and offers extensive guided tours, culture and shopping.

frankfurtnightA view of Frankfurt, Germany at night

Often described as a city of contrasts, Frankfurt offers ‘something for everyone’. With the population ranging from wealthy banking professionals to students, the make-up of the City boasting some of the most impressive sky scrapers in Europe while beautiful old buildings are featured in-between.

The city centre of Frankfurt attracts millions of tourists each and every year, with a large proportion visiting Römer square and the River Main. However, for those looking for quieter areas Sachsenhausen, Nordend, Bornheim, and Bockenheim are the less visited (although equally beautiful) locations.

With flights from the UK starting from £30 for a return ticket, and hotels from around £50 per person per night, Frankfurt makes for one of the most affordable city breaks in Europe. However, these prices can go up significantly during the week of the Frankfurt Motor Show so expect to pay anything up to triple the usual price.

The History of the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show is the world’s largest motor show. In Germany the show is called the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung or IAA for short. The show can trace its roots all the way back to 1897.

Held every two years in Frankfurt the show now occupies over 12 buildings, with even numbered years show-casing the latest commercial vehicles in Hanover, and odd numbered years debuting the latest in passenger vehicles and motorcycles.

High visitor numbers and historic debuts underpin the history of The Frankfurt Motor Show. From 825,000 visitors and the launch of the new Volkswagen (later becoming known as ‘The Beetle’) in 1939, to 928,100 visitors and a staggering 183 premieres in 2011; The Frankfurt Motor Show is an essential calendar date for any car enthusiast. These visitor figures are ever more staggering when you consider that the population of Frankfurt stands at just 687,775.

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 was the 65th in the show’s long history with 159 world debuts and 1,091 exhibitors from 35 countries. The show stretched over 230,000m² of exhibition halls. Telegraph journalist Andrew English reported that he walked 8.7 miles during his time there.

frankfurt show
The ever popular Ferrari stand at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

Known for its exhibitions of green technology The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show’s most impressive green car was widely hailed as the Porsche 918 Spyder; The fuel consumption of which amounted to a mere 78 miles per gallon, producing less carbon emissions than the average family car. Priced at £657,400, The Porsche 918 Spyder reaches 62mph in 3.2 seconds. With statistics such as these it is no wonder that it was the talk of the show.

Additionally, the show is also known for its impressive range of concept cars. Featuring in 2013, the Renault Initiale concept car displayed a map of Paris roof and disco styled interior; The Lexus LF-NX’s featured an impressive crumpled paper surfacing and the Citroën C-Cactus blended a 70s style beach buggy with minimal modernism.

With Frankfurt being one of the cheapest City Breaks in Europe and The Frankfurt Motor Show being the most impressive vehicle exhibition in the World why wouldn’t you pencil it into your 2014 calendar? If you fancy a car with Chauffeur whilst in Frankfurt click this link for further information. The next shows runs from the 25 September to 2 October 2014 in Hanover, the 66th show will be displaying the most impressive commercial vehicles to date.

Image Credits: Ozchin and Robert S. Donovan

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