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Barcelona is a fantastic travel destination that offers everything that you could wish for in a European city, from ancient culture to beaches to history, gorgeous architecture and a fantastic food and nightlight scene. The party never stops in Barcelona, so why not book cheap flights from Hong Kong so that you can join in?

Where is Barcelona?

This great city is located on the Northeastern Coast of the Iberian Peninsula, in an optimum position along the shores of the Mediterranean. It is the second largest city in Spain and it is the capital of the Catalonia region. It’s location in this beautiful position along the Mediterranean means that the weather in Barcelona is absolutely ideal. It also means that you will have plenty of opportunities to relax and sunbathe along the five kilometres of beaches that surround the city.

Barcelona’s rainfall of 1,000 mm per year also makes the city very green and lush, so you can enjoy a number of beautiful parks and green areas around the city.

Barcelona Travel Transportation Tips

When you are visiting Barcelona, you will find it easy to get around because the city has a very modern and extensive public transport system. The metro, buses and trams will still be running regularly until late at night. There are also plenty of railways, funiculars, sightseeing buses, night buses and other transport options in Barcelona. Whether you are taking a Barcelona train or a bus, you will be station and FGC station for the metro, buses and trains – the tickets are valid for any mode of transport within the integrated system.

You could also pick up a T-10 pass which is valid for ten rides and might save you money if you plan to use the public transit system a lot while you are in Barcelona.

What to Do in Barcelona – Top Attractions

Barcelona has a great selection of attractions, offering activities for nearly every interest. If you like football, you could check out the Camp Nou Stadium, home of the famous F.C. Barcelona and one of the largest sporting arenas in Europe. If you are interested in architecture, you will love visiting Parc Guell, which is a fantastic showcase of the work of Antoni Gaudi. Here you will find the iconic Salamander sculpture and many other beautiful buildings.

Perhaps you are the type that is interested in beaches? Barcelona is well known for its beautiful beaches and one of the best is Barceloneta. This beach is located close to the city centre and it is one of the most popular.

While you are in Barcelona, you must also take a walk down La Rambla. This is the most famous street in the city and it is always a bustling hub of activity with street performers, bars, restaurants and much more. Also, be sure to visit the Sagrada Familia, which is an absolutely gorgeous basilica that was designed by Gaudi and has a bizarre, surreal, intricate and unforgettable look.

These are just a few of the many reasons to book your air ticket to Barcelona with agency travel and explore this fun and vibrant city.

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