7 Best Festivals Celebrated In America

America is a good country that showcases their art and appreciates other contemporary talents in the form of festivals. These make the country a good place to visit so as to visit the many different festivals they have to offer. Here are seven of the best festivals in the United States:

Renaissance Fairs
The United States is popular for its renaissance fairs, outdoor events attended by the general public that tend to appreciate history in a humorous way as well as educative. The norm is to wear costumes mimicking medieval times, the era of kingdoms or pirates. This brings with it fun and allows both the organizer and the visitors to be able to participate. Renaissance festivals are held all over America but they are most held in Texas.

Music festivals
Human beings love music because of the capability it has to the mind and the soul. In the United States there are various genres of music each with their fair share of lovers. Musical festivals such as rock festivals bring together people with the same passion for music thus making the ideal social grounds. Famous music festivals in the United States are like the Bonnaroo, Coachella, Stagecoach and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Beer Festivals
Some festivals may sound absurd but will amaze you by how many people they attract. Beer festivals are common in the United States with large hoards of people flocking in from all over the world. The Great American Beer Festival usually held in Denver Colorado is one of the most famous beer festivals going for up to 3 days! Various breweries bring their products to the competition where 69 different competitions are held with the winners receiving medals. Another popular beer festival is the Oregon Brewers Festival held in Portland, Oregon.

Tampa Bay Festivals
Tampa bay is famous for its various festivals celebrated annually. One of the popular ones is the Gasparilla Pirate Festival that has been since 1904. Another is the Clear Water Jazz Festival.

Film Festivals
Hollywood is common for the production of films. However the United States not only judges and awards films produced in the United States but also from around the world. The Sundance Film Festival, the largest independent film festival, is the apex of film appreciation in America. Located in Salt Lake city Utah, it was started in 1978 with the aim of celebrating theatres and audiences participation in filmmaking.

Art and Crafts Festivals
Art is a form of speech whether spoken or unspoken. Be it a puppet show or a great Van Gogh painting people will appreciate art and will always desire to view it. Two famous art festivals are the La Quinta Arts Festival held in California and the Armory Show held in New York City. Here artists compete to showcase their work and others showcase their modern art forms.

Pagan Festivals
Though not major festivals in the United States, they still make a mark on the festivals scene. One example is Halloween celebrated on 31st October on the eve of All Hallows Day to ridicule the day. People have turned this festival into an annual festival so as to showcase art, history and engage the whole family

These are just seven of the best festivals in the United States. To get to see more get to work on your esta visa and arrange a visit to the country to see them all. You cannot miss to find one that suits you.

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