Freediving Vs. Scuba; Which one to learn first?

Which one is best? Which one would suit your tastes? Which is most exciting?…It really depends!

We all know that everyone likes adventures!

And “we” as divers know that the best adventures are underwater! A SCUBA diver would explore with a relaxed state but a free diver is challenged by time and depth and always challenging him self! Which one are you?

None? Come on man.. grab a snorkel and a mask and explore from the surface! As it is your last way to discover the underwater and live the adventure!

A scuba diver will dive around 1 hour or less underwater and enjoy his time with slow motion… interesting? A free diver will Try his best to reach his depth while stay longer time… longer time here is a few minutes only! So you get the fun pressures in less time than scuba!

But it’s up to you actually .. whether you are that type of equipment loving guy or girl who enjoys books to study and adventure to live .. then you start to learn scuba first! But if you like the clear way.. that needs only practice and some knowledge.. if you are that guy who is fit enough and curious enough .. then start challenging your self! Your depth! Your maximum underwater dive time! Don’t hesitate for going for it. And you don’t have to worry about nitrogen!

Consider that a scuba diver always need a buddy to dive with.. but if you are an amateur free diver.. just jump!

Both freediving and scuba diving require that the diver is comfortable and confident in the water. Scuba divers who haved gained confidence underwater may find that freediving is an unexpectedly easy transition.

Freedivers must minimize their oxygen use in order to extend their dive times. Scuba divers who have already learned to stay calm in the water will have an easier time adjusting to freediving than people who have not.

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